07:58 AM | 2022-09-05

i moved into my own place, slowly making my little nest cosy

07:58 AM | 2022-09-05

a lot has happened since my last entry

23:40 PM | 2022-06-10

Some days life is unbearable, aimless, pointless. Other days the simplest thing is joy. I try to remind myself to remember that my bad days are not my reality.

23:40 PM | 2022-06-10

Went to hardcore show, got dropped home, ate orange slices, now In bed warming up

21:31 PM | 2022-06-02

I am in love with my tiny little space heater

21:58 PM | 2022-05-22

Strung along

12:20 PM | 2022-05-22

Don't hold back

11:41 AM | 2022-05-22

If nothing else I have walking, I like to saunter, I like to stroll, I meander through life

11:41 AM | 2022-05-22

I love walking. Would I like a lift? Well maybe sometimes if its dark but I will walk through the rain, I will walk through my blisters, I will walk to the end of the earth

22:12 PM | 2022-05-18

I have decided that I can live in my daydreams

22:11 PM | 2022-05-18

Rain rain rain

22:24 PM | 2022-05-11

I love walking I love walking I love walking

23:17 PM | 2022-05-10

"He who destroys himself, destroys the world"

22:24 PM | 2022-05-03

Reading this and rereading and rereading and breathing it

22:22 PM | 2022-05-03

My favourite vegetables: Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, pumpkin

22:21 PM | 2022-05-03

Why can't I live in my day dreams all the time ?

22:57 PM | 2022-04-28

"Head Over Heels" by Tears for Fears has been playing on repeat in my head phones for hours

17:26 PM | 2022-04-28

I've been dazed

06:12 AM | 2022-04-23

Did I tell you I went mushroom foraging? It was so quiet, so magical

21:49 PM | 2022-04-22

Be like water! Be like the trees!

21:41 PM | 2022-04-22

Practicing non attachment

21:39 PM | 2022-04-22

I actually feel the wonder of being alive , or , existing ? It took me almost 30 years to get here

21:38 PM | 2022-04-22

I had a very strange week, but we're back on top now

20:35 PM | 2022-04-15

Now I'm in bed and my weary head is rested

20:35 PM | 2022-04-15

Wow, I had the best day ever

22:55 PM | 2022-04-14

Always leave everything to the last minute

19:36 PM | 2022-04-13

I could be walking down the street click clack click with my big ass headphones on and my musics playing and lifes good

19:35 PM | 2022-04-13

I bought cheap wireless headphones and now I feel unstoppable

23:29 PM | 2022-04-12

The cinema is a portal!

20:36 PM | 2022-04-12

I have to book a doctors appointment but I'm scared of what they'll tell me

20:22 PM | 2022-04-10

A few days ago I had a big bowl of fried oyster mushrooms, it was perfect

20:00 PM | 2022-04-10

Life right now is very slow, I've been spending so much time alone

19:51 PM | 2022-04-02

My heart hurts

21:22 PM | 2022-04-01

Practicing A and D chord changes, this is hard

21:16 PM | 2022-04-01

Two slices of toast with butter and a cup of tea

15:34 PM | 2022-03-30

I'm out of isolation :) yay :)

22:02 PM | 2022-03-29

Tonight I'm listening to 'Readjusting The Locks' by Institute

19:31 PM | 2022-03-29

My next fantasy place is to be sat out by a river in Aotearoa, a lot of swimming, napping, reading.

With me I have:

09:35 AM | 2022-03-29

I think my YouTube search history for the past three days is just all Appalachia related

15:10 PM | 2022-03-28

Thinking about portals!

17:39 PM | 2022-03-27

I like to fall asleep to this album

10:42 AM | 2022-03-27

When I close my eyes I'm imagining myself riding a janky bike in the Japanese countryside, my basket is filled with fruit I've never tried

10:38 AM | 2022-03-27

I could live inside this poem

22:12 PM | 2022-03-26

I spoke to my mum on the phone today, she reminded me that when I was younger she would cut up a raw onion and put it in my room when I was unwell - ?

21:56 PM | 2022-03-26

I fell asleep from 4 til 7, I woke up thinking it was the next day

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